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In Hypnobirthing, apart from learning to breath in a certain way to relax, another important aspect is simple and yet crucial. It is also universal. It does not only apply to pregnant women. It is the freedom of choice. Women who are interested in hypnobirthing are interested in a natural birth.  They see natural birth as a life affirming process, something they want to experience and be truly present. To a certain extent, they have already chosen what matters to them.Whether they want it or not, many expectant mothers have all sorts of scenarios going on in their minds. In turn these can contribute to feeling tense and cause difficulties. What I help these expectant mothers do is to make a choice for themselves. They choose the birth they would like to have and are very clear that it is what they have decided. If complications occur, something that would cause a health issue for them or their baby, they would automatically move on to the next option. Hypnobirthing is not just for the mum-to-be it is also for the dad-to-be who plays a vital role in helping his partner maintain her self-hypnosis during the birth.

How it works (groups, prices, sessions..)


You have the option of either:

A) Group workshop (course, class): a Saturday in Central London. 10am to 4pm (free parking ).
Join a few other expecting couples (no more than 5) to learn about hypnobirthing.
Spend the day learning about the concept and techniques of hypnobirthing, self-hypnosis, pain control and resolving anxiety. All you need to be prepared for the birth.This includes a folder containing hypnobirthing materials , lunch, refreshment, and follow up and recordings dovetailed to your needs. A few weeks before your birth, you will attend an individual session and receive a recording. - It's only cost £295 per couple

B) Alternatively you can learn in the comfort of your own home; over 2 sessions and with follow up, including recording dovetailed to your needs which cost £350 per couple.

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What you will get ( self-hypnosis, sounds, images, sensations..)


The conditioning you get in this training and more especially with the self-hypnosis, which will use various stimuli; sounds, images, sensations, smells will trigger a response in you. You will learn to make associations. The more specific the stimulus, the more evocative it will be for you. You may have heard of Pavlovian conditioning or maybe Pavlov’s dogs. Pavlov is remembered for associating the sound of a bell to his dogs salivating.

You can link any stimulus in any sense or an idea to any state that can be useful during pregnancy or childbirth. For example you can programme yourself to be relaxed with a piece of music. One of the ladies I helped gave birth using the smell of lavender to bring that state of relaxation. During the birth she had a tissue with lavender oil ready to hand. Nothing is more evocative than a smell. It is not processed in the logical part of the brain. It goes directly into a response. Any evocative stimulus will be useful.

You will be taken care of by someone with 20 years of counselling practice experience, who is able to deal with any issue.

What you will learn (overcoming your fears, practical skills, methods..)


You know how people can sometimes live with problems and never address them. There is always, in a small group, someone who has a fear they don't like but they put up with it; or they may have an addiction to something that is not too healthy but they can't help themselves. They end up tolerating it, living with it until something drastic happens and they have to act. Which means that whereas they could easily get it sorted out, they have a skeleton in the closet, things they have put a lid on and that undermines their quality of life or relationship with others. Something they are secretly ashamed of.

It doesn't have to be that way. It is not easy but it is worth staying with whatever anxiety and fear you may have and trying not to run away from it. Instead, try to engage in positive thinking; the reason why it may be worth overcoming the fear, or that, if you could get over it, life would resume as normal. Use the frustration and energy about having this fear to get motivated to do something about it. The next step is to get some help in making the transition. Why? because it is difficult to do it on your own, but the decision to do something about it is your prerogative.

You will learn;

* Practical skills for relaxation and pain control techniques
* Methods to keep focussed, in control of various situations
* Several breathing techniques
* Preparation you can do on your own, and with your partner,
* The role for each partner - or birthing companion
* Various practical tips and advices for pregnancy and birth
* Advice on how to make the experience of being a mother and father a fulfilling one


Hypnodelivery experience

I was delighted and very thankful to work with Patrick in the late stages of my pregnancy.

I have done a little hypnotherapy in the past, but not a lot and nothing to do with babies or birth!

I found Patrick incredibly easy to work with - as he is a very open and supportive presence; and he puts you instantly at ease. He creates a quiet and comforting space to work in - and he's entirely unpretentious. It was one of the most relaxing experiences ever for me.

My goal in working with Patrick was to quietly prepare for the birth - as I really had no idea what to expect and I wanted to have a natural birth at home. However, things did not go to plan as there were unforeseen complications with the baby's heart beat and I needed a lot of medical attention in hospital.  But my work with Patrick was still invaluable because it made me relax into the whole experience and accept the unexpected.

I was also told that I have a high pain threshold by the doctors-  and this I know was partly down to the work I did with Patrick which meant that I experienced the pain but it was something I could both cope with and relax into.

I highly recommend Patrick for all expecting mothers - both those who have natural births and those who have a more medicalised time. The experience will help you accept the unplanned, stay calm, and trust yourself throughout. It's also a blissful thing to do during pregnancy - and I believe that it is great for the baby too!Erica

Hypno Birthing with Patrick Baron

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Patrick started to collect photographs of his 'hypnobirth' mothers babies and daddies to share the happiness, joy, satisfaction and balance that he brings into family life. You could be the next one who will join his 'hypno' family soon.

"I highly recommend Patrick for all expecting mothers - both those who have natural births and those who have a more medicalised time. The experience will help you accept the unplanned, stay calm, and turst yourself throughout. It's also a blissful thing to do during pregnancy - and I believe that it is great for the baby too!" - Erica and John

Patrick Barron

Hi my name is Patrick Baron

I am a registered hypnotherapist based in London, and I offer an effective alternative to long-term psychotherapy. As a  trained psychotherapist / counsellor with over twenty years' experience I have helped many people overcome a whole range of difficulties and take back control of their lives.

I am also a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming with many years experience, a Certified NLP Trainer, and have been involved in the organisation of the Annual NLP Conference for twenty years. My work is also influenced by Buddhism and ideas for dealing with internal experience that date back 2,500 years. If you like to read more about me please click here.

Interview with Lucinda and Patrick (video)

Erica's hypnobirth experience

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